Tips and Tricks: Wake Up Easier in The Morning


“I love waking up in the morning”- said no one ever. Well at least, no one who has to get up at 5:30 AM for school. The sound of that awfully noisy alarm taunting you to get up and meet the day’s demands is truly a perpetual struggle, I must admit.  However, ever since I’ve started developing some sort of routine on my “Sleeping Schedule” It has been comparatively easier. Although, I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a “morning person” because I still consider myself a “Sleepoholic”

For anyone else struggling,

Here are 10 things to make waking up in the morning easier:


1)  Know the Purpose

Why do you need to wake up in the morning? What becomes your goal and motivation? Don’t just get up because you have to. Most of the time when you’re supposed to set off that alarm, you press the snooze button because you let yourself succumb to that urge. Having a purpose will not only help you get up, but also begin the day with dreams you stored. Accountability is as effective as an alarm clock.


2) Brew That Coffee

Like every process, waking up needs time. Don’t just jump out of the bed in haste after realising you’re late because of a few minutes of extra sleep. Set the clock a minimum of an hour earlier. Brew coffee, relax, stretch, read the paper, take a few minutes for yourself to get used to “reality”


3) Set Your Body Clock

Never compromise the amount of sleep your body is accustomed to, especially if you have to get up in the morning. Know how much sleep you need and adjust your sleeping patterns accordingly. With that being said, this change is not instantaneous. It is going to take major adjustments affecting our daily activities, but the outcome is so worth it! One way to figure out what might work best for you is to set a consistent bedtime that starts about 8 hours before your alarm is going to go off.


4) Shut Down

To get up on time, you must sleep early. Wind up before bed time because spending too much time on gadgets before bed, may not lead to a restful sleep. Be sure to turn everything off!


5) Expose Yourself to Light

Make sure your bedroom is exposed to sunrise or bright lights. This helps your body clock accept your wake up time. This will help make your day brighter by embracing the new day with good mood.


6) Hard To Reach “Snooze Button”

It is always a tendency to postpone the time to wake up, so create an obstacle to force you out of the bed. If the alarm is placed next to your bed, place it elsewhere.


7) Maintain Sleep During Weekend 

Compensating sleep on the weekends feeds into sleepiness for the following week and interrupts the set body clock. Stick to your accustomed bed time even on your weekends to maintain regularity.


8) Drink Plenty of Water

Be sure to gulp down glasses of water before you go to bed and immediately after you wake up. This will not only rehydrate and rejuvenate your senses, it’ll also compel you to get up and go to the toilet.

9) Make Your Mornings Motivationalwoman-happy-morning-prevention

Part of the struggle to wake up in the morning is when you’re alarmed with stress and pressure of having so much to do. Instead of stressing out, think about the good things that await you that day. Dwell on thoughts that puts a smile on your face.

10) Remember to Pray3656249818_woman_praying_answer_1_xlarge

Always pray before going to bed to Thank God for his constant protection throughout the day and every morning after getting up, to seek blessings to start a new day with happiness and success in whatever you do.

“Father, unto thee I pray,
Thou hast guarded me all day;
Safe I am while in thy sight,
Safely let me sleep tonight.
Bless my friends, the whole world bless;
Help me to learn helpfulness;
Keep me every in thy sight;
So to all I say good night.”

Following a routine like this does take time and adjustment and dedication. Don’t expect immediate results or instant perfection, It’s a setup for failure. Instead, improvise and alter as you make this important lifestyle change. Good Luck and I sincerely hope it helped!

PS: So Incredibly grateful for those feedbacks and encouragement 🙂 Please do not hesitate to leave more of those suggestions (negative/positive) to improve this blog. Future blog post requests are always appreciated. Good Day!