Joko Widodo, The New President of Indonesia



Congratulations Mr. Jokowi (short for; Joko Widodo) for being officially elected as Indonesia’s 7th president, no one else rightfully deserves this honour apart from you. I wanted to do a quick post about this major event that happened today as the 53-year old Javanese originated Indonesian hero was sworn in this morning. A collaboration party was held in celebration of the newly inaugurated President where 250 million cheered for victory along with Muhammad Jusuf Kalla as the newly sworn in Vice President.

Jokowi’s Background

  • Born in 1961 in city of Solo, the son of a wood-seller
  • Began political career with the PDI-P party when he was elected mayor of Solo in 2005
  • Elected for second term in 2010 with more than 90% of the vote
  • Elected governor of Jakarta in 2012
  • Backer of technology who promises to implement “e-governance” to help cut bureaucratic corruption

His awards and honours include the following:

2008: Jokowi was listed by Tempo as one of the ‘Top 10 Indonesian Mayors of 2008’.

2011: He was awarded the Bintang Jasa Utama by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

2012: Jokowi received 3rd place of the 2012 World Mayor Prize for “transforming a crime-ridden city into a regional center for art and culture and an attractive city to tourists. He was listed as one of “The Leading Global Thinkers of 2013” in Foreign Policy. In February 2013 he was nominated as the global mayor of the month by the The City Mayors Foundation based in London.

2014: Jokowi was listed by Fortune as one of the ‘The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders’

2014: Jokowi on the cover of Time on October 18, 2014.

What Made Joko Widodo “Jokowi” 

Besides the fact that he had no early ties to military nor political background, Jokowi’s approach involves reaching out to people by adapting the practice (known as blusukan) of regularly arranging well-publicized visits to local communities, often in quite poor areas, across Jakarta. During these visits, he wears simple informal clothes and makes a point of spending time in markets or walking along narrow Jakarta lanes (gangs) to chat to people about problems like the price of food, housing difficulties, local flooding, and transport. He uses his amiability and powers of persuasion to improve the Indonesian way of life. He even started developing a few programmes such as; Health Care, Educational, Public Transportation (Jakarta Monorail).

Jokowi and his former vice governor, Basuki, publicized their monthly salary and the provincial budget to the public to prevent political corruption. They also initiated programs that are aimed towards transparency, such as online tax, e-budgeting, e-purchasing, and cash management system. His most valued achievements till today include revamping street vendors who were causing horrendous traffic jam by directing the chaotic agglomeration to a new building. The vendors in these markets are not charged for rent, they are only asked to pay for maintenance, electricity, and water cost. In 2013, Joko Widodo also initiated dredging and reservoir  projects in order to reduce flood problems.

Indonesia’s economic development of good financial management is where Jokowi has a chance of making a difference. What Jokowi really brings to the marketplace is not so much specific policies, but transparency and certainty in government, and neither of those two things have been a feature of Indonesia financial and monetary administration.

Rather than specific policies, it’s his approaches to policy that will benefit Indonesia the most and makes it more likely to achieve its potential as a reasonably significant regional economic power, if not a global one. In that context, it will do better than it’s done in the past, where that potential has often been stymied by those inefficiencies.

Not “Good” but “Brilliant”

A few criticisms involving Jokowi has been the fact that he is not accustomed to public speaking and is considered as a flaw to a few oppositions. What they consider a hamartia, Jokowi’s supporters consider strength as it makes him a relatable leader where people can easily interact with no inhibitions.  Even so, the speech he delivered at the inauguration ceremony today morning proved them wrong and amazed millions. Jokowi remains as a true leader and a national hero for all of us.

Inauguration Speech (20th October 2014)

“To the honourable world leaders around the world and all the attendees and invitees here today and, of course, to my fellow Indonesians. Just now vice-president Kalla … and I have said our oath with a deep and meaningful oath, promising that we will work hard for our country, Indonesia, and is the time when we join our heart and our hand and this is a time where we have to overcome the next challenge. Which is to build Indonesia to become a country that has political independence, economic independence and rich in culture. I’m sure that we can overcome this challenge together with all of us by working hard. Unity and working hard is something that is very important for us and we will never be able to become one if we keep being divided. The cabinet that I lead will ensure that everyone in the world will feel the service of this Government. And I invite and ask everyone to work hard and follow their responsibility and I am sure that if every single agencies and bodies in Indonesia works hard and carry on their mandate, to all the fishermen, to all the farmers, to all the meat ball vendor, to the driver, to the teacher, to the police, to the businessman and to all the professional community, I ask for all of you to work hard, work hard together. Because this a historical moment for all of us, to move together, to work and work and work.

Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to be known as a nation with integrity with respect, a nation full of creativity, a nation of creativity that can contribute something to the global world. I would also like to see that the sea and the ocean are the future of Indonesia. For too long we have had our backs on to our sea and on to the ocean. And this is the time for us to have victory and glory days in the sea, just like our ancestors did. To all my fellow Indonesians, working to develop our country we need your help. It will just be the responsibility of the president and vice-president of Indonesia, and that’s why I am sure with hard work and working together we can protect our nation by developing the public’s welfare and increasing education. That is based on peace and justice. National justice. To my fellow Indonesians, on behalf of the Indonesian government I would like to say thank you to all the world leaders from my neighbouring countries, and Indonesia as the third-largest country with the biggest Muslim population in the world, as an archipelago and as the biggest nation in South East Asia, we will continue in our positive foreign politics. In this location, on behalf of myself and the vice-president Jusuf Kalla, I would like to say thank you and I would like to say my biggest thank you and praise for Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Professor Yudhoyono … in their leadership of the country in the past five years, ladies and gentlemen, to end this speech I would like to ask every single one of you to remember one thing that was said by the first president of Indonesia to build Indonesia to become a strong and big country, a peaceful country, we need to have the spirit of a … brave, soldier of the sea. I would like all of us to come aboard the ship of Indonesia and sail towards the future by overcoming the storm and the wave of the ocean. That is the future, by uniting our power. And I would stand under the people’s mandate and the constitution, I hope that God almighty give us his blessings. With the blessings of God, thank you very much. Freedom!”


Bhinneka Tunggal Ika "Unity in Indonesia"

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika “Unity in Indonesia”


And there you have it, Our new Indonesian president and Vice president; Jokowi-JK! I truly hope as an Indonesian that Indonesia continues to prosper and develop. Selamat Bekerja dan Semoga Berhasil! (Congratulations and Good luck). Merdeka Indonesia Raya! (Long-live Indonesia)







Sorry If this post ended up being too long, I guess i got a little carried away. As usual, please leave suggestions and feedback down below along with requests for future posts. Have a great day! x