As Positive As a Proton


First and for most, my sincerest apologies for not posting anything in a week or so. This has been due to numerous reasons like the fact that I’m battling my way out of final exams. So, I’ve been focusing most of my time on studying and preparations. Yes, like everyone else, I struggle with time management and sadly, procrastination. However, I’m so incredibly grateful to the first 100 followers of this blog. Thank you so much, It truly means so much to me! So far, “Blogosphere” has been very welcoming. Okay, enough of the rambling. Let’s get into business!

A few days ago, I’ve had to face an extremely hard math paper. Maybe not as hard, but i felt like I blanked out and didn’t try my best. Almost like, i just gave up. As a very emotional person, i cried for hours feeling so “low”. I obviously regret not giving it as much effort as i should have. I went ahead and asked my mom for advice and that’s when she told me to learn from a proton.

Scientific Background


Although I’m no expert, Protons are positively charged particles found within atomic nuclei. Protons were discovered by Ernest Rutherford in experiments conducted between the years 1911 and 1919. In the beginning, the theory of the existence of protons were questioned by many scientists. In 1808, John Dalton was convinced that atoms were the smallest particles and were indivisible and indestructible. The indivisibility of an atom was proved wrong: an atom can be further subdivided into protons, neutrons and electrons.

Why are Protons Important? 


The stability of the atom depends on the number of protons present in the nucleus. Without it, all atoms would all have a negative charge. In the same way, positivity stabilises the human mind. As a positively charged particle, it is a fundamental constituent of an atomic nuclei as it shows the charge and the element. Being a positive person, we fundamentally define who we are, highlighting our hopes and dreams and helps us to become better versions of ourselves. Without protons, the atom would not be balanced and charges would be uneven. Similarly, our life would just bd lopsided with no hope of the better. Just like protons in charge of the positive charge. We are in charge of our emotions leading to our own happiness.

“Think like a proton in the nucleus of an atom. Always positive, though surrounded by apathy and negativity.”


Keeping a positive attitude is not always the easiest thing in the world. I feel that it is the times that are the hardest, that it is most needed. A small smile can spread like a wild fire. It not only will brighten your day, but of those around you. I think we don’t let ourselves appreciate the power of a positive attitude.

I think it is safe to say that we are familiar with the placebo effect. What I learn from that is that the mind is so powerful. We can convince our minds of something and our bodies will obey. So why not use the power of the mind to help us?

PS: Thank you for taking the time to read this post! Please do not hesitate to leave more of those suggestions (negative/positive) to improve this blog. Future blog post requests are always appreciated. Have an enjoyable day! x