About Me


My name is Shweta.
I was born on the 4th of January 1998 which makes me a capricorn!
I am a Christian.
I’m currently on my senior year.
I’m the eldest daughter of 3 siblings, I have a 14 year old sister and a 7 year old brother.
I’m an Indian Indonesian (people who live in Indonesia whose ancestors originally came from the Indian subcontinent.) living in Jakarta.

Most Important of all..

I’m a Dreamer, Achiever and Believer πŸ™‚



27 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Follow you my Indian Friend with lot of Dreams…!
    Me From Pak..! Happiness is power and happiness came from your inside (Heart)
    Cheers and stay around..!


  2. Thanks for visiting my online writing studio, and deciding to follow my work. I’ve read through your latest post, but wanted to read a couple more before commenting.

    Youth is a wonderful thing — but it’s wasted on the young. — Me.


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